Week One : kinetic typography

Since I was supposed to post this Last Week this will be a short post because i only remember a few topics of what we discussed. On that note I would like to warn you this is basic information and the lesson as best as I remember it (I will provide some citation if necessary) though everything included here is definitely correct.
We did the module assessment (16 weeks long, 2 hour lecture per week) and the assignment briefing (2: a poster and a kinetic typographic video).
This brings me to the highlighting detail of the class our discussion on Kinetic Typography. Kinetic Typography is moving text, animated text that conveys a message (Obviously). The term Kinetic means motion and Typography (might sound a lot like the scary Cryptography) is just type arrangement albeit with the need of a little bit (a whole lot) of art. And type is letterform.

For history and introduction to the art on Typography Typographic Design Form and Communication is a useful guide and there links to dedicated sites at the bottom of the Typography Wikipedia page under links. As for now watching some of  these  interesting somewhat involving samples of the art that is Kinetic Typography is enough.